By developing a well-rounded resourceful reintegration program available to veterans  and mental health consumers in mastering the complexities of reintegration along with enriching activities, New FoundMinds will create a comprehensive prevention and intervention program that allows the American Dream to become sustainable while dissipating the stigma that has been attached to mental illness.

Collaborating with local mental health providers, New FoundMinds proposes to implement a reintegration program with the capacity to address the needs of the clients (mental health consumers) by raising awareness of the need for a specialized structure for successful reintegration back to their respective communities, home, and workplace.

New FoundMinds main goal in implementing a reintegration program is to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness by educating the community and erasing the old idea that mental illness is a sickness to fear, and provide a new, understandable and innovative way to instill the “living well” idea.

New FoundMinds will promote mental illness as a treatable illness and mental health consumers are fellow neighbors, friends, family and co-workers who would like to be sustainable and productive citizens. lifenewfmind


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