Where I’m At…

I searched the net for an article about supported housing, and while I found many articles that support supported housing there was not much about real housing. Don’t get me wrong,  there are many organizations that are making great strides in addressing the need for supported housing but “the process” can be hindering. It makes me wonder if “the process” is holding up progress? Organizations tend to become top-heavy, and loaded down with paperwork and this form and that rule and so on. And we must not forget that communities are not being educated to the need and meaning of supported housing especially inclusive supported housing. Perhaps a change in wording…instead of supported housing, how about “families and friends creating positive neighborhoods!” Thats quite a mouthful, maybe by the time the community learns to say it, the neighborhood will already be inclusive and running smoothly before it is discovered that a former  homeless family has a home, and a mental health consumer lives next door oh and lo and behold a veteran is living around the corner and has started a community garden. I look around my neighborhood and see more than ten vacant houses. How wonderful it would be to see children playing, grills crunk up, and just overall neighbors living together…the whole village taking care. That’s where I’m at today, New FoundMinds creating a community that can be replicated across the country…across the world making progress!


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