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New FoundMinds uses this blog space to provide the reader with any information about supported housing, inclusive communities and helping one another. The article posted today is about a very special company in Ohio. I call them special because they take the time write about what is important to people with special needs. Hooray to Coleman Professional Services.

Opening Doors to Recovery

Reducing stigma surrounding behavioral health care

American society and pop culture are not always allies of the behavioral health community in this country. In the not-so-distant past, the diseases associated with mental illness were deeply shrouded by stigma that included negative language and perceptions.

Many Americans were, and still are, quite uneducated about what mental illness actually means, who suffers from it, how it affects a person and family, and proper courses of treatment. The unfamiliarity with behavioral health has led to deep-seated negative opinions about the illness, and has also kept many people from seeking the help they may need.

Coleman Professional Services is working regionally to reduce stigma around mental illness on a number of levels. However, one program in particular has unexpectedly and inadvertently sped this process for those most intimately affected. Coleman operates a program called Coleman Access Services which provides around-the clock evaluation and emergency access to behavioral health help for children, adolescents and adults in Portage, Stark, Medina and Trumbull counties on a walk-in or phone basis.

Chief officers of Coleman Behavioral Health, particularly in Stark, Trumbull and Portage Counties, have found that Coleman Access Services’ 24/7 phone service has provided persons interested in learning more about behavioral health services an anonymous and non committal avenue to gain information.

Frequently, people who feel behavioral health services could benefit them or their loved one are unsure where to go for trusted and accurate information. There may also be a fear of being associated with mental illness that makes people uncomfortable walking into a behavioral health care provider as they would for a common cold. In Stark County, calls to Access Services have skyrocketed since a number of other behavioral health care providers have ceased to provide services.

A call to Coleman Access Services provides the caller with access to emergency behavioral health services if necessary, but also an avenue to speak with trained experts and learn more about possible services and treatments that are involved with behavioral health care. Experience has shown that once someone has the chance to “test the waters” without fear of commitment or recognition, they are much more likely to respond positively to the need for behavioral health services for themselves or their loved one.

If you or someone you know would like more information about behavioral   health services available in Northeast Ohio, please contact Coleman Access Services at 877-796 3555 or www.coleman-access.com.

Through Coleman Access Services and many other programs, Coleman Professional Services is working to open the doors to recovery by reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and helping more neighbors in need. http://www.coleman-professional.com/content/15.htm


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