New FoundMinds uses this blog space to provide the reader with any information about supported housing, inclusive communities and helping one another. The article posted today is about a very special company in L.A. I call them special because they take the time to support what is important to people with special needs. Hooray to The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has supported the efforts of the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) to catalyze the development of permanent supportive housing for nearly 20 years. Most recently, this partnership has focused on Los Angeles County, where thousands of chronically homeless people live on the streets.

Through a $ 7 million grant to CSH and a $1 million program-related investment in 2004, the Foundation sought to add 1,000 permanent supportive housing units to the development pipeline in Los Angeles. Doing so involved three primary strategies: increasing public sector commitment and coordination for permanent supportive housing, building the capacity of developers and providers to make permanent supportive housing available, and leveraging Hilton Foundation resources through partnership and collaborative funding from private and public sources.

In partnership with the Hilton Foundation, CSH has been directly responsible for adding 2,300 permanent supportive housing units—surpassing the goal of adding 1,000 units to the development pipeline. Over 800 of these units are now in operation.
In 2004, just 23 percent of public supportive housing units in L.A. County were occupied by the chronically homeless; over 60 percent of units developed since then house the chronically homeless.
The CSH Supportive Housing Institute: Opening New Doors has graduated 58 nonprofits from its training sessions, which prepare them to navigate the process of developing housing that provides support services. Twenty-seven of the 29 projects that were approved for more than $1 million in funding from the L.A. County Mental Health Services Act housing program include Opening New Doors graduates on their project teams.
The Hilton Foundation’s $1 million program-related investment loan resulted in an additional $29 million from other funders for the Los Angeles Supportive Housing Loan Fund. Our $1 million investment provided financing for predevelopment costs of 343 permanent supportive housing units.
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