What Would You Do For a Place to Live?

Sample Goals for Supportive Housing

This list provides examples of goals and/or outcomes that supportive housing providers often establish for their housing projects – and measuring success in achieving such goals is an important strategy for demonstrating the benefits of supportive housing to the community.

Provide safe affordable housing.

Offer a permanent residential option

Help tenants meet the obligations of tenancy.

Transition tenants into less service-intensive housing options

Transition tenants into un-serviced housing in the community.

Increase residential stability.

Maximize tenants’ self-determination.

Increase tenants’ daily living skills.

Increase tenants’ income.

Increase access to employment opportunities.

Begin and/or maintain recovery from substance abuse.

Reduce harm experienced due to substance abuse.

Begin recovery from mental illness.

Maintain recovery from mental illness.

Prevent foster care placement of children.

Reunite families.

Improve parenting skills.

Increase natural supports.

Improve tenants’ physical health.

Appropriate the use of community-based services.

Decrease use of crisis/emergency services.

Decrease criminal justice system involvement.


_____________________ Note: This document is included within the

 Understanding Permanent Supportive Housing section of CSH’s Toolkit for Developing and Operating Supportive Housing, which is available at http://www.csh.org/toolkit2. Corporation for Supportive Housing: Sample Goals for Supportive Housing Projects March 2006 1

New FoundMinds seeks to reach these goals and more to provide supportive housing for mental health consumer and veterans. You can help by maintaining the spirit of community, reaching out to your neighbors and asking God to guide us back to “village” living.



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