Supportive Housing Helps Keep Families Together

Supportive Housing Helps Keep Families Together

June 5, 2012

CSH’s Keeping Families Together initiative is a model for an unprecedented investment by the national child welfare system. The Administration for Children Youth and Families (ACYF) and four private foundations announced that they will be giving five communities the opportunity to create supportive housing designed to give kids a chance to live healthier more productive lives. Read our press release for more information.

Keeping Families Together is our three-year pilot program designed to address the needs of New York City’s most vulnerable families. The pilot yielded impressive results. CSH President and CEO Deborah De Santis recently blogged in the HuffingtonPost about why Keeping Families Together Matters.

CSH is working on an interactive toolkit to help you implement a program like Keeping Families Together in your community. Watch for more information. Or if you’d like to recieve updates about the toolkit and other related news direct to your inbox, let us know! Update your online profile and select “Child Welfare/Youth.”


Want to know more? Watch a Keeping Families Together video or read about how the INITIATIVE evolved.


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