New FoundMinds is a proposed nonprofit organization. The main objective is to build a community in Atlanta, GA for mental health consumers who find themselves not severe enough to warrant placement in care homes or homes that are not designed for independence and sustainability for the client. By developing a well-rounded resourceful reintegration, program available to support homeless veterans and mental health consumers in mastering the complexities of reintegration along with enriching activities our program will encourage self-sufficiency and sustainability. A proposed collaboration and partnership with Common Ground (COMMON GROUND is an international leader in the development of solutions to homelessness) New FoundMinds will provide supportive permanent housing with social services.  Supportive housing combines affordable accommodations with services like mental health and substance abuse counseling, job training and placement, community activities, and help with life skills such as cooking and money management. Becoming productive members of their communities has been a national wide initiative for the mental health community. Collaborating with Georgia Mental Health programs and Peer Support groups New FoundMinds proposes to implement a reintegration program with the capacity to address the needs of the clients (mental health consumers) by raising awareness of the need for a specialized structure for successful reintegration back to their respective communities, home, and workplace.


2 responses to “About

  1. Martha Stephanie Mayes

    I enjoy sharing poetry, quotes, and insights with people. Is it o.k. to do this on foundmind? I have major depression. My mother, grandmother, and great grandmother all were mentally ill. My grandmother had eight children, six of whom became mentally ill. I have a good job, and am buying my own home, so things have worked out well for me.

  2. Martha

    What we want to do is to let people know that being mentally ill does NOT mean we can not live well. I would love for you to join me in helping to stamp out the stigma of mental illness and perhaps help me realize my goal of building inclusive housing with support in communities everywhere. Looking forward to your poems



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